MUSIC: Israel Today: ”The following music video by talented Jewish rapper Ari Lesser calls out the international community for its hypocrisy in boycotting Israel over every perceived flaw, while turning blind eye to numerous very real atrocities… Continue reading

Muslims destroy oldest church in the Middle East

The sunni muslim rebels in Syria, supported by the whole EU and US president Obama, have long terrorized the ancient Syrian town of Maloula north of Damascus. These muslim jihadists have now destroyed… Continue reading

Taizé songs

MUSIC: Two Taizé songs (here on You Tube), the first called Jesus le Christ and the second is from a taizé service in Rotterdam, Laudate Dominum – O, Praise the Lord! Taizé is a Christian… Continue reading

Christians kidnapped in Gaza

Five Christians of the Greek Orthodox church in Gaza have been kidnapped by Hamas, the Palestinian terror organization, and have forcefully been converted to Islam, The Gatestone Institute reports about the kidnapping and… Continue reading

New book: Persecution: Global Assault on Christians

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea are all connected in various roles to the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, Washington, D.C. In March 1913 they published a book with the title Persecuted.… Continue reading

First mosque in Iceland

Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute reports on Iceland’s growing muslim population. So far only some 1200, all sunnis, but of two different branches, opposing each other. And now a mosque is going… Continue reading

“…only the tip of the iceberg”

“Only the tip of the iceberg”, the Most Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury comments the Muslim attack on an Anglican Church in Pakistan on the 22nd September, when 85 Christians were killed… Continue reading

Could Muslim persecution of Non-Muslims spread to the West?

There is an ongoing persecution of Non-Muslims these days, a religious genocide mainly on Christians, especially in the communist and muslim dominated countries. This is carefully documented in Crucified Again, the recently published… Continue reading

Can We Finally Start Talking About The Global Persecution Of Christians?

Originally posted on pundit from another planet:
After yet another bloody weekend, it’s time to speak frankly about who’s killing Christians and why Mollie Hemingway writes: Wealthy Kenyans and Westerners bustled about Westgate Shopping Mall…

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