Four steps to reach mutual understanding

Megan Phelps-Roper practice a few simple methods to reach and talk to people with whom she strongly disagrees. These methods open up and make mutual understanding possible: Don’t assume bad intent. Ask questions.… Continue reading

“Sweden has real problems”

  Tim Pool, an American journalist, has visited Sweden for some time in order to find out if Donald Trump, the President of the USA, was right when he talked about Sweden recently.… Continue reading

Om kristenheten i postkommunistiska Öst och sekulariserade Väst

Den vackra sången från en Ortodox kyrka i öst, som videon försöker förmedla, är onekligen gripande. Den bads sjungande redan på det Bysantinska kejsarrikets tid. På bilden ovan ses ett kloster som är… Continue reading

On the End Times

ORTHODOXY: In this video Father Seraphim Rose, an Ortodox priest, who lived in the USA and died in 1982, shares his thoughts (from about 1980-1981) on the End Times. “In his ministry, Rose… Continue reading

West Bank: Disputed but not occupied

ISRAEL: In Western media it’s rutinely claimed that Israel is illegially occupying the West Bank – i.e. Judea and Samaria – so often that many start to believe that’s a true statement.  The… Continue reading

De kristna i Kina

KRISTENHETEN I KINA: När jag var på biblioteket i dag passade jag på att ta en titt på en konstutställning i samma byggnad. Ett antal konstnärer från Kina hade bjudits in för att… Continue reading

Sverige: Kristendom eller islam?

SVERIGE, KRISTENDOMEN OCH ISLAM: Pastor Stanley Sjöberg är kanske mest känd som en “grand old man” inom den svenska pingströrelsen. Att han är född i USA och har tillbringat delar av sitt liv… Continue reading

Music: Made in Italy

MUSIC: Italian music, so much loved, is renowned for its beauty, soul, joy and elegance, not only in classical and traditional music, but also in music made today, where tradition plays an important… Continue reading

Canada, Sweden and Islam

CANADA, SWEDEN AND ISLAM: “Quebec: The Crisis of the West” is the heading of an article by Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, published on the website of Gatestone Institute.   It’s a truly sad… Continue reading

The political anti-Israel agenda is based on Islam

ISRAEL-“PALESTINE”: A scholar based in the Middle East, Bassam Tawil, has written an article in which he describes how the political anti-Jewish and anti-Israel agenda is based on Islam’s Quor’an and Hadiths. “The… Continue reading