Varför fastar vi?

“… och julen varar intill påska! Men det var inte sant, och det var inte sant, för däremellan kommer fasta!” Så sjunger vi i en välkänd gammal julvisa. Julen har vi bakom oss… Continue reading

Orthodox Church: Come and worship with us

Orthodox Church – Come and worship with us, join the 2000 years old Crusade against sin.  

Christianity: Persecution and growth

ORTODOX CHURCH: Western Europe and the Middle East seem to be among the few regions where the number of Christians are decreasing. Unfavourable family politics, low birth rates, the adaption of secularism and… Continue reading

Russia: The Good Faith on the Rise

Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the atheist Communist system there Christianity has been on the rise very dramatically. However, that’s a true miracle most people in the West are quite… Continue reading

The bad moon on the rise

MUSIC: Back in 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit the lists with  “I see the bad moon a’risin”. Back then it was of course the Vietnam war. The band was well ahead of times.… Continue reading

Om socialismen och en korrupt kyrka

SVERIGE OCH SOVJET: I Kyrkans Tidning (nr 6-2018) har  redaktionen publicerat en artikel med rubriken “Korrupt kyrka tar socialismens plats”. Först trodde jag spontant att den handlade om Svenska kyrkan, men fick det… Continue reading

Holland erkänner Turkiets folkmord 1915 på 1,5 m kristna armenier

Turkiet, då det var det Ottomanska imperiet,  genomförde ett folkmord på 1,5 miljoner armenier 1915. Nederländerna har nu anslutit sig till de femtontal länder som erkänner att det handlade om ett verkligt folkmord.… Continue reading


I really fancy Rob Cantor’s music, and also the lyrics. Such as in this one. “Cuckoo” it’s called and it is his album (I think) called “From unknown”. I thought maybe there are… Continue reading

Diagnosis of islamophobia: Cultural Marxism

I have often wondered: why are people called islamophobes or racists if they admit they don’t fancy Islam or the Muslim way of life? And why can´t one oppose openly or at least… Continue reading

Sweden: a grim situation and its causes

SWEDEN: A leading Swedish opposition MP, Richard Jomshof, Sweden Democrats (SD), has recently given a speech in the parliament in Stockholm, where he talks about the fast increasing number of rapes, murders, bombings,… Continue reading