uk flag -OPERC stands for Organization for Persecuted Christians. Lots of things and various subjects are of interest and published here. Some articles are in English, some in Swedish (see below), occasionally interrupted by music.

But the underlying theme is the ongoing systematic oppression and persecution of Christians in the world, especially in countries dominated by Islam but also by communism, post-communism and secularism.

An aim is to inform about this oppression and persecution of Christians – Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, Evangelicals – and to reflect on how to understand it. Why and where does it happen? Who are the persecutors? Which are its causes? What does the Bible say about the persecution? How should we as Christians think of the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ? And is there anything we can do for them – if so what? The obvious answer to the last question is of course to pray for the persecuted and to work for them – “ora et labora” – but how should we pray and how can we assist?

Israel's flagAs the Jewish people in the diasporah has been oppressed and also persecuted for almost 2000 years, even after the foundation of the land of Israel, we give our wholehearted support to the Jewish people and their country. The persecution of Jews has been especially cruel and ruthless e.g. by the Romans who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple on the Temple mount in 70 A.D., during the Inquisition in Spain in 1492, by Nazi-Germany 1933-1945, in North Africa before and after the creation of Israel in 1948, by the Soviet Union before the fall of the communist regime in 1991, by Israel’s Arab neighbours since 1948. Even today there is a growing threat to Jews in the diasporah and in Israel due to the policy of e.g. the secular/atheist European Union and many other nations.

Sveriges flagga vajarOPERC har som underliggande tema förföljelsen av de kristna i de islamdominerade länderna och i länder som styrs av kommunism och/eller post-kommunism. Även artiklar om de kristnas alltmer trängda situation även i EU och en del sekulariserade länder tas upp. Hotet mot Israel och det judiska folket i Israel och diasporan är också det en hjärtefråga. Dessutom publiceras här artiklar som kan tyckas vara perifera men som på något sätt ändå tangerar huvudtemat. Dessemellan inflikas musikaliska inslag.

So far this blog has been viewed by readers in ninety six different countries. Thank you for your kind interest!

Spring/våren 2016

Carl Anders Breitholtz