Syriah: a more complete picture

SYRIAH: Only a few days after the recent US attack on Syria the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to Russia to discuss the situation. In order to arrive at a more complete picture, Russias FM Lavrov gave his government’s views also in a historical context. Without knowledge of the past we cannot understand the present. Lavrov mentioned the role which the USA played in former Yogoslavia, in Iraq, in Libya and other places and what the results were.

FM Lavrov also questions the West’s dedication to create secular governments in all countries where they have interfered, and contrary to them stressed the importance of preserving or creating a feeling among the various ethic groups and religions (Christians, Muslims etc) that they too are represented in the governments, something which the West usually seem to neglect and view as if it were of no importance.

Bearing in mind such historical and religious realities one wonders why really should Russia wish to joint the USA and the EU in their dedication to  topple Syriah’s president Assad?