Chemical weapons in Syriah: Who really was responsible?

SYRIA: US President Donald Trump has declared his intention to aim at better US relations with Russia. Many in the West have blamed him for such a remark. Contrary to the policy of former US president Obama, Trump has also declared that he wished the USA and Russia jointly to fight the rebels in Syriah and to “wipe out” the Islamic State ISIS.

When the US forces recently fired 49 missiles to military targets in Syriah it was a strike not against ISIS and the rebels but against Syria’s government. President Assad’s allies Iran and Russia protested immediately and warned that if such an attack was launched once more they simply have to respond. Most likely that would imply military force.

However, many of president Trump’s former opponents have been much in favour of the attack, which was claimed to have been in respons to chemical weapons used by president Assad against civilians of his own people. But it has never been proven that it really was president Assad who ordered the use of chemical weapons.

It has been proven, however, that the Syrian rebels previously have used chemical weapons in the civil war. Together with also other circumstances it means that it  cannot be outruled that it could have been the rebels who were responsible for the resent attack with chemical weapons. It is not known which of the two alternatives that is the true one.

Naturally one wonders, why did the USA attack the legal Syrian government when the plain facts weren’t on the table?

In this BBC interview a former British Ambassador to Syria gives a clear picture of the recent events in Syriah.