EU, USA, Russia and the return to the Christian faith

WORLD POLITICS: For the West it’s high time to realize, that the leadership of the EU has left Christianity and instead embrased secularism, which leaves no room for trust in the God of Christianity. The EU has refused to recognize Europes Christian heritage in its constitution and to allow and honour Christian symbols at schools, hospitals, law courts, parliaments and other official bodies. Instead the multicultural doctrine dominating the EU since the 1970-ies has opened up for another religion, Islam. Islam but also secularism stand in clear contrast to the Christian faith, thought, values, moral and way of life, on which the European nations once were founded.

After seventy four years of dictatorship under atheistic communism, the people of Russia and its leadership have since 1991 returned to their Orthodox Christian faith and spirit, which founded the great Russian nation.

Donald Trump, the new US-president, has clearly declared his intention to “make America great again”, a greatness which is inherent in the national motto of the USA: “In God we trust”. This spirit has already started to bear fruit in the American relations to the Jewish land of Israel and in the recognition and expressed will to reach out a helping hand to the multitudes of Christians who have been and still are oppressed and persecuted in mainly islam-dominated countries.

Russia has already started such a process, as declared (in the video below) by the Russian Orthodox Church and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is a baptised Orthodox Christian and member of the Church.

On the other hand, the reality points at conflicting interests. The new leadership of the USA wishes to “make America great again”, but has also decided to increase its military budget considerably. Among the EU-leaders there is a strong will to quickly form a united military force under its command in order to neutralise what they think is threats from outside the Union. Nato has moved military units closer to the Middle East but also to Russia. Russia wishes to protect the Russian nation from secularisation but is also striving at recreating the importance it had before 1917. Islam has a goal to make all peoples of the world subjugate under its god and islam’s rule of law, i.e. sharia, and ever since its foundation it has done so by the sword. China seem to sympathize with Russia but has also shown an ambition to increase its power by military means. Despite what one could hope are good intensions, the reality points at conflicting interests with an increased risk of world war.

So what then can we do as Christians? We can continue to pray and live our lives in the Church and the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord, he who said (in Matthew 24): “Take heed that no man deceive you.”