Canada, Sweden and Islam

CANADA, SWEDEN AND ISLAM: “Quebec: The Crisis of the West” is the heading of an article by Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, published on the website of Gatestone Institute.  

It’s a truly sad and even frightening story that Meotti tells. What he describes is what seems to be the fall of the mainly Roman Catholic civilization of the Canadian province of Quebec. The situation seems to be similar also in the rest of Canada, Meotti envisages. The Christian civilization is gradually and especially since 1966 being replaced by Islam, which grows due to Muslim immigration. That in turn is a consequence of the Parliament’s enforcement of an aggressive secular multicultural doctrine under the political leadership of PM Justin Trudeau and others. For the full story, read here.

After having read the article one can easily see that also Sweden has undergone a very similar and dramatic change over the last say 50 years. Sweden too has had a similar decline in its traditional Christian civilisation (1945-2017), with a declining protestant Church of Sweden, which adapts to the secular political correct agenda of the parliament and government, favouring aggressive multiculturalism. Those ideas have also in Sweden had the consequence of mass immigration mainly of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa.

Since 2000 Sweden has had an increase in its population by 1,5 million immigrants, which is almost 18 percent of the population (which recently exceeded 10 million), mainly of Muslims. In a not too distant future this combined with demographic facts of birth rates means, that one could calculate mathematically the year when Sweden’s population will have a majority of Muslims and the Swedes as a consequence have to face the sword of Islam or convert.

But also Orthodox Christians have immigrated into Sweden on a fairly large scale, mainly due to opression under sharia laws,  persecution and wars in their Islam-dominated home countries. Nowadays there are more than 400.000 Orthodox Christians in Sweden, which now constitute the second largest Christian community in Sweden.