Sweden’s immigration migraine

SWEDEN versus ISLAM: Sweden is a country with a Christian majority population. That is at least what the member statistics of the Church of Sweden tell. Out of the 9,5 million inhabitants about 6,3 million are members of the Church of Sweden, an organization which is controlled by the political parties via the Church Meeting (Kyrkomötet), a sort Church parliament in which secular political parties are represented and govern. These parties ruling Church of Sweden on all levels are predominantly siding with the left and encourageing Sweden’s official anti-Israel and unofficial anti-Jewish agenda.

In spite of the member statistics of the Church of Sweden, no doubt most Swedes are secular, in effect passive atheists (many without knowing it). Only some 5 to 8 percent of the  Church members of 6,3 million people regularly attend the services on Sundays.

Since 1975 onwards the Swedish Parliament and Governments have followed a multi-cultural doctrine (whithout really asking the Swedes) like many other European countries. Immigration has been on the rise since then, in the last decade or so mainly by Muslims from the Middle East and parts of Africa. Only a minority of the immigrants have been Christians, mainly Orthodox. They have been opressed and persecuted by Muslims in their Islam-dominated homecountries and as a result been forced to emigrate to the West. The Muslim population now amounts to at least 600 000, many of whom have preferred to live in parallell Muslim-dominated  townships in e.g. Malmö, Greater Stockholm, Gothenburg and other cities and towns. The immigrated Christians have integrated far more smoothly.

Bearing in mind this description of the situation in Sweden it is hopefully more easy to understand how Sweden is presented in this video by Amy Horowitz of Israel Video Network, which no doubt gives a more true picture than the mainstream media does. Sweden is facing an immigration problem, which could cause migraine for less. And as long as Sweden’s Politically Correct doctrine dictates what is allowed to write and speak about, the headache remains.