Trump: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

USA – ISRAEL: Donald Trump, US President Elect, has declared that he intends to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a decision that has a first priority once he is in charge. Consequently he intends to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel’s capital is no doubt Jerusalem and that’s where the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is located too. So it seems logic and quite natural to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

So far almost all countries have placed their embassies in Tel Aviv as many haven’t acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which seems to be contrary to what international law indicates though. I would have thought that once the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem, most other countries will follow.

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority, however, has recently put forward protests against Mr Trumps intentions, protests which for certain reasons, such as international law, will most likely be neglected.

US President Barack Hussein Obama has however delayed the decision by six months up to May 2017. But as it takes some time to move an embassy in any case, it shouldn’t present too much of a problem to the next administration. Mr. Trump has recently appointed his US Ambassador to Israel, Mr David Friedman, who is an orthodox Jew and will be settled in Jerusalem from start in order to prepare for the move.

Mr Friedman is by the way said also to be in favour of a future Jewish temple in Jerusalem, something which of course the Knesset only has to decide upon. So far, however, no such plans have been presented to the parliament.


Sources: Various international newspapers.

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