The Church as a family of different members

THE CATHOLIC, PROTESTANT AND ORTHODOX CHURCHES: In the end of October and the beginning of November (2016) the Pope Francis I visited Sweden to comemorate the Lutheran Reformation of 1517. The Pope met with the protestant Arch-Bishop of the Church of Sweden and the Bishop of Lund, the Catholic Arch-Bishop of Sweden and the head of the Lutheran World Association. More can be read about this in a bulletin issued by e.g. the Holy See Press Office.

I believe one could summerize this ecumenical meeting and the service held in the Cathedral of Lund as a meeting in a spirit of mutual forgiveness and understanding, especially when it comes to the situation around 1517 and the following years in the lifetime of Dr. Martin Luther.

However, the theology and practice still differ between Roman Catholics and the various Protestant churches in matters such as the Apostolic Tradition, the Bible and life as Christians in today’s world. One can still talk of the Church as a family with many members with different views on the life of the Church.

But what about the Orthodox church? Metropolitan Tarasios of Buenos Aires is the primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in South America and knows the Pope Francis, who used to be Roman Catholic Arch-Bishop in Argentina. In this interesting video the Metropolitan talks about the relation between the Pope and the Orthodox Church.