Politicians and cats

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: I have nothing against Donald Trump, not at all, but it seems the cat has.

I suppose it is fairly well known these days, that Mr Trump has in mind to forbid Muslims to enter the USA. Such a remark will of course hurt quite a few Muslims, which it no doubt  has done already. On the other hand Mr Trump seem to be in the habit of saying loudly what he thinks is right, without trying to be “diplomatic” so to speak. This has caused some opposition to him, some of which seem to be fair, some quite unfair.

I have tried to figure out  Mr. Trump’s way of reasoning and I suppose it goes something like this:

The majority of the terror attacks that has haunted the Western societies in recent years has no doubt been organized by Muslims, the radical ones, fundamentalists, militants, such as Islamic State, Al-Quaeda and others. Also the mass-immigration into Europe – some believe it is organized – is casuing troubles. Jews and now Christians, and seculars too, feel a rising threat. But most of them don’t dare to speak up and protest. They fear Islam’s sharia laws round the corner. Not all Muslims are radicals though, but the political religion Islam doesn’t make any fuzz about its aims, all based mainly on the Qur’an, the Hadiths and the Sira. As long as Muslims don’t leave Islam they remain under constant influence of it, and should they leave or convert to Christianity, they will immediately have a death sentence hanging over their heads.

So do Americans, and Europeans too, really wish Islam to expand and possibly even take over our Western societies in the future? No, of course not.

The US government has a duty to protect its citizens against Islamic terrorism. As one cannot predict beforehand which Muslims will be engaged in terrorism, the safest way to protect the US citizens and the country from Islam-inspired terrorism would hence be to forbid all Muslims to enter the USA, the radical ones as well as those who are not. So the idea seems to be quite logic, especially when bearing in mind, that the first obligation for the US President is to protect the US citizens (and not all people on earth) from various threats.

I suppose there could be other ways to protect the US citizens and the country, but I cannot remember having heard anything about such plans. But maybe you have?