The 17th July, a day to remember

RUSSIA: On this Sunday, the 17th July 1918, the Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, his wife, Tsarinna Alexandra and their family, the Romanovs, were executed in Yekaterinburg by order of the Ural Regional Soviet.

Russia Imperial Family 1911The Tsar Family were Orthodox Christians like the vast majority of the Russian people. The Communist revolution in 1917 marked the beginning of a long and intense persecution of the Orthodox Christians in Russia. Countless Christians were killed by the Communists and numerous Churches desecrated and destroyed. Hard times for the Christians lasted up to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Then it became apparent, that the Russian Orthodox Church had managed to survive and had kept the faith living. Today the vast majority of the 150 million Russians have returned to the Orthodox Church as they do not seem to have any reason to fear for persecution due to their faith.

The first video below is the Lord’s Prayer, also known as Our Father, a chant in the Russian Orthodox lithurgy. The faith of the Orthodox Christians is expressed in the Nicene Creed from 381 A.D., here sung in English.