EU has no hope for the future

EU: “Heavy fog over the Channel. The Continent isolated.” The Times published this headline a foggy morning during the second world war. What an impressive self confidence!

The very same confidence among the British persist even after the Brexit, the British people’s recent decision to leave the EU. They trust they can manage the situation very well, however difficult it might be!

eusovietflagBut what about the Continent, the EU? Does the EU-leadership have a good hope for the future? And does the Europeans in general have confidence in the EU-leadership? It doesn’t seem to be so. No doubt the EU-leaders fear for the future. Why else do they intend to build up a military force under the command of the EU-leaders?

The European countries do not need a united military force. In stead, when the day comes, they need to cooperate without handing over the command over the various countries military forces to one un-elected EU-government.

Take a look at for instance Israel. It’s a very small country, of much the same size as Wales. It has been attacked by the surrounding enemy powers many times since it was founded in 1948, and yet it has managed to win over their enemies and remain a free country, the only democracy in the Middle East. So the lesson we can learn from Israel is that we definitely don’t need a military force for all the EU-countries under one EU supreme commander.

What we really need is pure common sence. And pure Christian faith in the future. And the EU dictators leaders have none of this. How sad, truly sad.

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