Arab Christians sing for you!

MUSIC: An Arab Christian sings about her joy in Christ: My life is yours!  

NOTE : For English translation & Arabic Lyrics in English : Sign in.. go to settings & switch on Annotation. My life is yours…Arabic Christian Song (Salvation Call …Come and surrender your life to Jesus)
Video courtesy & all credits : Better Life Team (Most popular & anointed Arabic Christian Worship Team, based in Egypt. May God bless BLT). English translation subtitles credit goes to Sherif Saad & Yousef Al-A’ssaf. Arabic Lyrics in English : provided by Rowies Takla. May God Bless them abundantly.This song invite everybody including our Muslim friends to receive the salvation through Jesus Christ the only ONE way to Father(Allah).
May be you are watching this Christian song , first time in your life , consider this as a life changing salvation call for YOU, please respond by NOW, today itself because tomorrow is not yours. Come and receive the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and reveal himself in your life.
Kindly SHARE this beautiful video with all your Muslim friends. Let the holy spirit speak with them through this good news of salvation. Thank you . God Bless you.
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