Why doesn’t the UK acknowledge the genocide on Christians in the Middle East?

PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS: Genocide is being committed in the Middle East. Christians and other religious minorities are targeted and has been so for years. Not only by the Islamic State ISIS but also by many other Muslim organizations (Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al Quaeda, al Nusra etc) and as a matter of fact by Islam itself since its foundation in the 7th century A.D.

For years the West has been silent. The USA has at last acknowledged it to be a genocide and so has the European Union. But why has not Britain acknowledged it? Read more here. 

And what about e.g. Sweden? One would have thought that the Swedish Parliament would decide to label what is going on in the Middle East as a genocide. But no, the majority of the Swedish parliamentarians hide behind what they say are formal rules while the genomcide continues and Christians continue to be forced either to become Muslims or to be killed, which are the only alternatives Islam gives the Christians.