The Battle of Lepanto

ISLAMS THREAT TO CHRISTIANITY: The battle of Lepanto is maybe not as well-known today as it ought to be, bearing in mind its utmost importance in saving Christian Europe from Islam.

It took place on the 7 October 1571 at Lepanto by the western seashores of Greece, and was of major importance to stop the Muslim Ottoman Empire’s ambition to invade and rule over Europe. At the time even the Vatican in Rome was threatened as it was the very heart of Catholic Christian Europe.

Only a hundred years earlier (1453) the Muslim Turks had conquerred Constantinople, until then the capitol of the Christian Byzantine empire, which was founded in 330 AD when the emperor Constantine the Great moved with his administration from Rome to the shores of Lake Marmara in Asia Minor, where he founded Constantinople, since 1926 called Istanbul. The new Muslim rulers turned the famous Christian cathedral Hagia Sofia into a mosque but the Ortodox church has survived in the city and is still of great importance to the Orthodox Christians around the world.

If the Christian West hadn’t decided to stop the Muslim invasion at Lepanto in 1571, how would Europe have been today? Would there still be any Christians around, any churches, universities, free newspapers and so on in e.g. Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen or say New York?

An interesting article on the battle was recently published by Catholic Answers Magazine – read it in full here.

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The battle of Lepanto 1571