The EU and its Christians at the cross-roads

THE EU AND CHRISTIANITY: The oppression and persecution of Christians in the Middle East and in fact in all Islam-dominated countries has escalated in the 20th century. The Qu’ran and Hadiths are full of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian verses. Knowledge of the life of Islam’s prophet Muhammad is of course essential for us in the West if we want to understand why. The formation of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 has sharpened the Islamic threat and so has the German nazism’s influence on Muslim states such as Turkey and Iraq.

Since the year 2000 the persecution has reached levels far exceeding that which haunted the Christians in the first three centuries of the Church. Pope Francis I has commented that there are more Christian martyrs in our time than ever before. Christians are suffering widespread oppression and persecution for their faith also in Communist and post-Communist Countries such as North Korea, Vietnam and China.

In the West, politicians, mainstream media and even many Church leaders have been silent. How come? And nothing much has been done to assist and save the Christians and to condemn the persecution. Why?

The EU is a secularized and in effect an atheist organization not really representing the Europeans, as in most member-countries a vast majority of the citizens have been baptized and are members of various churches as catholics, anglicans, orthodox, protestants and evangelicals. In the 20th century many have however become secularized and turned their back on the Church, but without leaving the Judeo-Cristian values however. A majority are still members of their various churches. Maybe one could call these Christians sleeping, and their churches forgetful when it comes to having oil in their lamps?

So also from a Christian point of view the EU suffers from a severe lack of democratic representativeness. Without hearing the EU-citizens, the EU-leadership has in concensus with mainstream media enforced the marxist doctrin of multiculturalism and  opened up the borders for mass-immigration of Muslims.

The Muslims in the EU now consists of between 25 and 50 million Muslims, which account to some 6-11 percent of the EU-population. The so called democratic deficit of the EU-leadership combined with the rapidly growing Muslim population in the last decade have caused patriotic movements to gain an ever increasing sympathy among the ethnic Europeans, something that has occured spontaneously in all the major EU-countries.

There is an increasing sense among the ethnical Europeans of having been betrayed by the media and the political elite, but also by the silence of many mainly protestant church leaders, who have been siding with the leftists and even with Islam.

As a result of mainly the fast growing Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and north Africa anti-semitism and hatred of Israel has increased considerably. According to e recent opinion poll as much as 40 percent of the Europeans now hold such values. Jews and an increasing number of Christians in Europe no longer feel safe in their home-countries.

As the European Christians feel increasingly threatened by the islamization, the European Jewry has existed under such circumstances for long. The recent immigration waves of young, mainly male, Muslims into the EU has caused widespread fear especially among young European women, as they have experienced violent sexual assaults and even rapes by these Muslims. The recent attacks on women i Cologne by the Hauptbahnhof and the Cathedral (of all places), in Hamburg, Stuttgart and in Sweden e.g. in Stockholm and Kalmar,

The elite of the EU-leaders and the Europeans are at the cross-roads. Will the Europeans claim their birth-right and have the moral courage to stop the immigration of Muslims? Will the Europeans turn back and recognize their Christian heritage? Will the EU-leadership stop tolerating the rapid islamization? The near future will tell.

Today, the 25th January, the EU-leaders meet to discuss the Schengen agreement as the EU has proved to be incapable of protecting its outer borders. No outer and inner border control means continued islamization of the Europeans, obviously against their will. It’s time to say no to all Muslim immigration, to repatriate those who have entered the EU illegally, and to say yes to the oppressed and persecuted Christians from the Middle East and elsewhere.

Carl Anders Breitholtz