Young Muslim migrants guilty of mass-rapes in Germany

MUSLIM PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS: Some 1000 young Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Middle East sexually assaulted and raped 80 German women in Cologne on new year’s eve. It took place openly at the square by the railway station of Cologne. Similar assaults and rapes took place at the same time also in Hamburg, Stuttgart and other German cities and towns. Would you hazard a guess – could it possibly be organized or is it “simply” inherited in the migrants’ religious and cultural behaviour?

In the past year Germany has welcomed over one million migrants from the Middle East, North Africa and and other Islam-dominated areas, most of them young and healthy Muslim men. Shops selling sporting goods such as guns, arms, ammunition and pepper spray have already sold out as people in general and women in particular fear for their lives and the risk of being harassed, robbed, raped or even murdered has increased rapidly, in effect as a consequence of the Muslim immigration due to EU’s culture-& religion relativistic policy. Obviously Europeans in other EU-countries have been hit too.

Some videoreports & reactions follow here. First a video report from Cologne, then a feature from the Ezra Levant Show, followed by a few words by Stefan Molyneux, an Canadian with a sense of “black humour” who happended to visit Cologne at the time it happened and finally a Brit, Paul Joseph Watson,  who is sort of angry, to say the least. Of course women all over Germany have protested with strength against the assaults and against the way some politicians have commented what happened. A female mayor has e.g. blamed the victims (!), i.e. the assulted women, and most mainstream media don’t mention at all who the rapests are – young Muslim immigrants.

Many Europeans now fear this is only the beginning. So if you haven’t done it before,  it could be a good idea to send a prayer to our Lord the Saviour.