Islam’s threat to Western Christianity and the Messiah

Avi Lipkin, a Jewish friend of Christianity, talks about the importance of a revival of Christianity in Europe and the West as a whole as Christianity is seriously threatened by Islam. Most Westerners aren’t aware of this Muslim threat and certainly not most leaders of the EU-countries.

Sunni-Muslim Turkey is rapidly developing into the leading sunni Islam country. The Sunnies consists of a bit over a billion Muslims worldwide, Avi Lipkin says.

So far about 40-50 million EU-citizens are Muslims. As Turkey is expected to be welcomed as the next member of the EU, that will make the Christian and Secular Europeans a minority within the EU, Mr Lipkin claims. How come when “only” some 80-90 million Turks are Muslims (98 percent of its population)?

The reason is that not only the Turks in Anatolia – i.e. present day’s Turkey – will then gain EU-citizenship. Also another 200-300 million Turkish Muslims living in various Asian countries all the way to China will gain EU-citizenship, Mr Lipkin fears and explains the reason:

Turkey keep issuing passports also for them, as it recognizes them too as proper Turks. Hence these varous Turkish peoples will end up having free access to the EU and its labour markets and social benefits as well as influence in political and religious matters. That would be the end of the EU and European civilization.

Therefore it’s of utmost importace, according to Avi Lipkin, that the Christians (and seculars) of the West wake up and take a stand for the Christian faith and the Church, and for our inherited Judeo-Christian civilization.

So Turkey must be prohibited from becoming a member of the EU, Mr Lipkin concludes. If Christianity doesn’t wake up – we are in the eleventh hour – our Christian Western civilization will be lost in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world …

… until the day our Lord Jesus returns. But that is something our valued friend Mr Lipkin doesn’t mention, being Jewish. But Jews do believe in the Messiah too – the Christian faith is based on the Jewish religion – so I would have thought that Jews and Christians refer to the same day when talking of End Times and “the Day of the Lord”?