Lord Sacks talks on Islam’s genicode on Christianity

Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, has been interviewed by Andrew Marr on the “Andrew Marr Show” about the War on Terror. Lord Sacks talks about the massive wave of Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in the latest decades. This has lead to almost the extinction of Christianity in the MENA-countries, while the West has been almost silent, not only the secular politicians and leftist mainstream media but also most of the churches. 

Lord Sacks puts forward his idea on how to prevent the radicalization process among young Muslims. Lord Sacks has recently written a book on the subject. He points out the importance of loving the stranger, seeing “the other” as a human being, trying to understand his fears. “Once you get rid of the politics of fear you can build a politics of hope” Rabbi Sacks concludes. This is all very true and wise.

One wonders, however, if such a method or change of heart can prevent another Islamic genocide on Christianity, this time in Europe? What Rabbi Sacks talks about is, as I understand it, that we ought to love our neighbour, even our enemies, just as the founder of Christianity pledged. Jesus of Nazareth was cruzified, yes, but it resulted in a new world order, based on love of “the other” and the hope that His resurrection granted, the victory of God’s love over death. 

Dispite West’s abolition of Christian life in the 20th century and the growth of atheistic secularism in Europe, a vast majority of the Europeans are still members of Christian churches. But is Western secularism, like the one of the EU, really capable of defeating radical Islam and its ambition to conquer and defeat Christianity worldwide? 

It is necessary and high time, I think, that the Europeans and the West in general return to the faith that built Western civilization and defended it in times of aggressive threats and war, i.e. Christianity, with its roots in Judaism.