Islam and the power of the Holy Cross

The Holy Cross, the Holy Crucifix  – by far Christianity’s most well-known symbol. There are others too of course, many other symbols, but none as famous as the Cross, immensely rich in meaning and – power. That is a secret Christians share.

How strange then isn’t it, that the Holy Cross/Crucifix is so hated in Islam and by so many faithful Muslims. It is as if the Muslim leaders feared for loosing power over the “Muslim world” if people really got to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and true Messiah, the Son of God.

Why else would any Muslim who converts to Christianity be sentenced to death? And why else would Christianity be forbidden in Saudi-Arabia and discriminated ny Islamic law and even persecuted in almost all Muslim countries?

140723_christiansWhy elsebut for the Holy Cross did e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies destroy some 90 Churches in three days’ time in August the year they lost power over Egypt?

Why else did the Sunny Muslim rebels in Syriah destroy numerous churches in Syria and even a monastery that was build in the 4th century, three hundred years before Islam was founded?

Why else did Muslim fighters destroy and burn some 200 churches in Iraq, although the Christians never threatened them?

And why else do Muslims in Europe and elsewhere claim that they feel offended and insulted for such a minor thing that e.g. a journalist on TV wears a little golden cross in her necklace?

All this is very strange to me, especially when bearing in mind, that the Holy Cross/Crucifix stands for God’s love to mankind – Muslims included.