The hazardous life of ex-Muslim Christians

I was in the UK the other week, London and Oxford. There I met an immigrant who had left his native Syriah. He used to work in a business company in Damascus and practiced his religion as many other shi’ia Muslims do.

On a business trip to England he met Jesus Christ in an Orthodox church and on the spot he decided to convert to Christianity. Which he did.

Suddenly it struck him, that now he couldn’t return to Syriah as a Christian, who had converted from Islam. That would render him a death sentence. And even if it wasn’t executed any Muslim had the right to kill him according to Islamic law. So he wouldn’t be safe back home.

He had no other option but to stay in England and apply for asylum. He phoned his wife and agreed to help her and their children over, where freedom of religion is practiced by law. He looked forward to the day, when all his family could come over to the UK and could be baptised into Christianity without risking their life.

Well, there was a slight risque though, he told me, as many Muslims live in the UK, but as long as he could avoid therm and keep his new faith a secret to them it would be all right for him and his family. His new life as a Christian was well worth that risk.