Millions of Chinese praise the Lord

“Thank you Father for the gift of your only son, Jesus Christ, my LORD and Saviour… who died for me, and ALL of us! Praise HIS name forever!” This is what this prayer in Chinese says (first video below).

Life in China became so hard during the cultural revolution of Mao Tse Tung, that many turned to our saviour Jesus Christ – and were helped. Christianity then spread rapidly in secrecy all over China and still grows very fast, not without persecution however. Many are Evangelicals and Lutherans, many are Roman Catholics, many are Orthodox too.

It’s of course very difficult to tell how many Chinese that are Christians nowadays and it changes very fast as well. One estimation says 70 million, another 150 million, and maybe its somewhere in that region?

So maybe some 90 percent of the Chinese people have not yet heard of the Gospel and have had the chance to say “Yes!” to our saviour Jesus Christ? If we open our hearts for Him he has promised to stay with us to the End of Times.

The last video below is for almost three hours, but take your time as it is really rewarding! Here Chinese men and women tell from their own experience how they met Jesus and how it changed their lives completely!