“Christians on way to extinction in Mideast”

THE PERSECUTION ON CHRISTIANS in the Middle East continues and is becoming worse. This is a conclusion one can draw after having heard this TV-discussion with Father Eamon Kelly, a catholic priest in Jerusalem, and Raymond Ibrahim, a well-known expert on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Most people in the West agree on this fact.

There is even a real risk that Christianity will be extinct in the Middle East. The whole Middle East and North Africa was once a Christian region up till the 7th century onwards, when it was subjugated by force under the sword of Islam. So this might happen also today, Father Kelly concludes. But so far nothing happens. How come?

In the meantime the persecution of Christians is beginning to increase also in Europe, which has a large and growing Muslim population. – From Newsmax-TV, America’s Forum, published on 25 March, 2015.