Still freedom of speech on Danish TV

Mr Geert Wilders, a leading politician in the Netherlands, was interviewed on the Danish Television in 2011. He was talking about the immigration policy in the European countries and the necessity to do something radical when it comes to the fast growing Muslim population of which most are of course law-abiding people, but about 30-40 percent prefer to skip democracy and introduce the Islamic sharia laws instead.

That would change the European way of life completely and demolish the freedom of speech and religion that we are used to and have aquired over the centuries.  If would be a true disaster.

How many Muslims are there then in Europe? The interviewer mentioned 25 million, which Mr Wilders immediately corrected to 50 millions, a guestimate too but probably more accurate. This means that about 10 %  of the inhabitants in Europe are Muslims nowadays. It also means that 90 percent are not Muslims but Christians with minorities of secular, atheists, Buddhist  and so on. Well over 50 to say 90 percent of the Europeans (it varies of course from country to country) have been baptised to the Christian faith. And the European civilization including its legal system is in its essence Judeo-Christian since the almost two thousand years (again, it varies from country to country). It’s a fact that Islam is in opposition to this Western culture and our values and has been for 1400 years.

Mr Wilders talked about forcing these 50 million Muslims back to their countries of origin, which means the Middle East and North Africa. Such a policy would for natural reasons be very difficult if not impossible to decide upon in the parliaments. But it’s a clear way to point out, that the immigration of Muslims has been exceeded far beyond what the Europeans civilization can allow and that something has to be done.

The interviewer didn’t discuss alternatives to Mr Wilders suggestion, so there was no real discussion around his proposal and ideas. Something has to be done though, as the whole Western civilization is at stake, as e.g. Professor Bernard Lewis has warned.

On the whole, it was an interesting TV program which shows that there is still freedom of speech at least in the Danish TV2.