Islam has tried to conquer Christianity also before in history


People keep talking of Pegida and the ongoing islamization of the West. But that’s of course pure nonsence! Or maybe it isn’t?

Islam, this “religion of peace”, has been present in Europe for at least 40 years, so it’s nothing new, some people say. Previously Islam and the Muslim hordes knocked on the door to the West several times with the sword, but were never let in – thanks to the Christian leaders of the West in those days.

After the death of Muhammad (c. 570-632 AD) Islams military leaders started to conquer by the sword the then Christian region of the Middle East and North Africa and also took Spain, almost half of Christianity. The European Christians stopped the Islamic hordes at Poitiers in France in AD 732. After that Islam tried to conquer Christianity many times, took Constantinople 1453 but lost e.g. in the battle of Lepanto in Greece 1571 (picture above) and at Vienna in Austria (1683) (picture below). It was not until 1798 when Napoleon Bonaparte conquerred Egypt with a small expedition that the Islam-dominated states began to realize that they were hundreds of years after the Christian world and their military capacity. The Islamic states self-confidence deteriorated even further when they witnessed the victory of the British fleet under Admiral lord Nelson over the French with a much smaller fleet at the Nile (1798-1803). It was not until 1928 when the Muslim Brotherhood was formed that the Muslim states recovered their confidence in the teachings of their prophet Muhammad.


Since then the persecution of the Christians in the Middle East and North Africa han increased again gradually up to this very day. Islam’s next target is the Christians and seculars of Europe and above all the United States of America, which is still the main Christian nation of the world.

And Islam has ever since the re-radicalization in 1928 tried to influence and take over the West in not so obvious ways. So far, the West has not really reacted at all, but rather slumbered as the sleeping beauty, unknowing of the deadly threat from Islam and its Muslim followers.

If you want to know more about all this, read Professor Bernard Lewis’s books on the subject – or listen to him speaking on You Tube over the Islamic threat to our civilization, which might not survive these evil Islamic attacks. Professor Lewis is regarded as the foremost specialist on Islam in the West.

Now, since the 1970-ies, we have got multiculturalism and cultural/religious relativism inside the West, so this time the threat from Islam is a lot more tricky to overcome, especially as the European leftists tend to sympathize with the values of Islam rather than those of Christianity.

Some not so educated people claim that Islam has enriched the Western civilization. Maybe they refer to such things as cosy belly-dancing, cous-cous, sensual veiled women, harems, multi-women marriages (for men), deep philosophy and culture mirrored in literature such as Ali Baba & the 40+ Thieves. One would have hoped that they at least don’t refer to groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al Quaeda, Hamas, Ship to Gaza and of course ISIS, but one cannot be too sure of that these days!