Two case studies: Muslims burning people alive

Western media has recently reported on the Islamic State (IS), who beheaded a journalist from Japan and burned a Jordanian pilot alive while he was kept in a cage, an act that was filmed and published on the Internet. To justify its depravity the IS points to its namesake – Islam.

These acts are of course terrible and against what Western civilization holds dear. The US president has rightly condemned the deeds of IS as “barbaric”. Japan and Jordania has reacted with sorrow and outrage. Some Muslims say that what IS has done is unforgivable and that it “goes against the noble teachings and universals of Islam”.

But is it really so?

Only a few months earlier, in November 2014, there was another burning alive, this time of a married couple, who were thrown alive into a burning ceramic oven. The victims were Christian believers from Pakistan. Those who committed the crimes were a Pakistani mob of Muslims. They accused the Christian couple for blasphemy for allegedly burning pages of the Qur’an. Two questions:

Firstly, as a Westerner one wonders how come that the mainstream media such as Euronews, BBC and CNN focused on IS’s burning of the Muslim pilot, but didn’t report at all on the other crime, when two Christians were burned alive? The answer is only too obvious: the secular Western mainstream media are biased in favour of Islam and against Christianity and Christians.

Secondly, how come that Muslims officially claim that burning people alive is against Islam as in both cases as above, Muslims were the ones who committed the crimes and in both cases they referred to Islam as a justification?

Pakistan has in the West been critisized for its blasphemy laws according to sharia, which leads to the death sentence. But to burn people alive? I have no answer, but a specialist on Islam versus Christianity, Mr Raymond Ibrahim, has. He explains the sources in Islam in an article, which can be read in full: here.