PC and a chat on the bus

On the bus, I couldn’t shut may ears, so I just had to listen to a conversation by some chaps. It went something like this.

– … the French magazine, you know …

– Oh? I never look into such publications …

– Well, not THAT sort of mag but the other one. Charlie something …

– Aha! I’ve got it.

– Well, people seem to have gone crazy, completely mad, wouldn’t you agree?

– Maybe … weren’t they mad also before?

He didn’t notice and went on:

– No sense of humour anymore, no good laughs, only these boring politicians on the tele, claiming that those who did it had nothing to do with … well, whatever it’s called, can’t remember.

– I haven’t got the foggiest! What are you talking about?

– Anyway, strange isn’t it? To tell a lie to people straight in their faces without even blushing!

– That’s the art of politics, you see.

He didn’t notice this time either. So the other one went on:

– And that they even thought they had the right kill – as it hurt their feelings so much.

– The politicians?

– No, silly, the others! As if it would have been all right if I used to kill those who hurt my feelings? If so, I would have qualified a mass-murderer these days and spent most of my life in jail.

– Sure you would. But you haven’t, have you?

No comment as usual.

– But maybe there is something in it, after all, that it really was an attack on the free word?

– Or at least of what’s left of it. You haven’t forgot something called “political correctness”, have you?

At the next stop I had to jump off.



How about some cooling music? Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy with Assume the Perpendicular from the album Bang Goes The Knighthood.