Islamists killed possibly 2000 Nigerians

WHILE THE WORLD NEWS have focused on the Islamist outrages in Paris, another fundamental Muslim group has committed evil deeds in Nigeria, CNN reports. Boko Haram attacked the town Bogo and surrounding towns and villages in northern Nigeria. Officials fear that hundreds of civilians, some say as many as 2000 or more, have been killed. The attack started on the 3rd January and continued about a week.

Boko Haram has terrorised northerns parts of Nigeria since 2009 and has killed thousands of innocent people, mainly Christians. They have burned down or bombed several churches, often in the middle of the service, gunned down men, women, children, pastors and other church leaders. Also other civilians and their homes, schools, hospitals, homes for children and elderly people have been targeted. It was Boko Haram who kidnapped 200 Nigerian schoolgirls in April 2014. Only few managed to escape so most of them were forced to convert to Islam from their Christian faith and marry Muslims.

For the full story, read CNN here.