Muslim persecution of Christians now in Europe

Gatestone Institute has recently reported on Muslim persecution of Christians. In northern Nigeria thousand Churches have been destroyed by Boko Haram and other Muslim organisations, of which almost 200 Churches were destroyed in just two months (August and October 2014).

Churches in Egypt, Iraq, Philippines, Sudan and Germany have also been attacked and destroyed by radical Muslims. In Berlin for example, a Coptic Christian church was attacked and torched. Although many Coptic churches have been bombed and burned down by Muslims in Egypt, e.g. in August 2013 when some 90 Churches and also monasteries, homes for children and elderly were burned and destroyed, initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, the Coptic Bishop of Germany didn’t expect similar attacks to take place also in Germany.

The report also covers Muslim attacks on Christian freedom, which has occured in e.g. Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sudan and Uzbekistan. In Lebanon for example, a former Muslim has converted to Christianity and is now chased by his family, who has engaged someone else to cut his throat. In Western post-Christian countries people are of course free to choose and to convert if they so wish, but obviously not so in countries where Islam dominates.

When it comes to Islamic discrimination against Christianity, so called dhimmitude, this too seems to spread also to Europe. Gatestone Institute reports on a case in the United Kingdom, where a Christian school has refused to invite leaders and teachers of other religions, such as Muslim imams, to lead the assemblies at the school. The school is now threatened to be downgraded and could even face closure. In June 2014 the Government introduced new rules, no doubt quite absurd, which obviously make life harder for Christian Britons and their Schools, who wish to be faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For some reason I happened to associate to the words of Jesus, when he was asked about the signs of the end times and His coming: “… and you will be hated by all nations because of me” (Matthew 24:9).

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