ISIS threatens to destroy a historic landmark in Nineveh

When the Islamic State (ISIS) conquerred the Nineve plains in 2014, some 200 000 Assyrians were forced to flee. The Assyrians originates from this area since 4750 B.C. In the latest ten years about a million of the Assyrian Christians have been killed or forced to flee their homes in the Nineveh area and seek refuge in other countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Walls of NinevehAs the Iraqi army now plans to take back areas conquerred by the Islamic State, ISIS now threatens to punish by destroying the ancient Walls of Nineveh, a world famous monument from the days of the Assyrian Empire.

“Fourteen years after the Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan” Pamela Geller remarks “another historical landmark is threatened.” For the full story, read HERE and HERE