News no papers write about

Yesterday we went to church, me and my family, the church in Bredgade, Copenhagen. After the lithurgy we went to the pub down the road, and there I happened to meet with a Russian friend of mine, Michail, whom I hadn’t seen for long. Of course we had lots of things to talk of and chat about. So much had happened since we last met.

He seemed a bit worried over the Russian Orthodox Church, which had started to involve in politics, which is contradiction to canonic law. The Church has its own agenda which is much more important than Communism and the present politics in Russia. During the 73 hard years under the Soviet communism, the Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church realized this, a reason among many others why the Christians and their Orthodox church survived persecution under atheistic Communism.

On the other hand well informed people tell that President Putin and his cabinet consult the Church in various important matters. For example, children can now choose to study Christianity and the Christian faith (among other religious subjects) already in the early school age. This means that young Russians won’t grow up as religious illiterates as the young in the EU usually do – if they aren’t taught the Christian faith at home that is. As grown ups these Christian Russians will be able to rest on a broader outlook on life and hence be able to make wiser decisions. The EU has chosen a different path, built on atheism and radical secularism and some sort of left-wing multicultural ideology. Sweden is a terrifying example of this. This is a shame, as in the not too far distant future, the EU will need Russia as Russia will need Europe. The future will tell, Michail predicted.

Back home again I contemplated over this meeting and was a bit surprised over some facts which I simply wasn’t aware of until now. For example, I hadn’t really thought of Moskwa as Europe’s largest city with over 18 million inhabitants. Neither had I realized that St. Petersburg with its 5 million inhabitants is the largest city by the shores of the Baltic, much bigger that Helsingfors, Tallinn, Stockholm, Lübeck, Gdansk or Copenhagen. The Ruble has lost half of its value in a year’s time, so now it’s extra favourable to visit Russia. So Michail found it a bit strange, that Europeans travel to places like Thailand and Australia on the other side of the earth in stead of simply visiting their Russian neighbours in the country next door. Well, it’s a thought, wouldn’t you agree?

It was news to me that President Putin now has got rid of the Russian maffia. Where previously the maffia ruled, there is  now law and order. Of course that was achived not by understanding, soft talk and tolerance but by tough methods.

Russians value power behind words. That’s a reason why Sweden’s weak military defence has not been respected by Russia many times in recent years. As the Swedish Government and Parliament spend billions of the tax payers money on immigration (mainly by Muslims, thereby opening up for large scale islamization) rather than on the military defence, Sweden is nowadays virtually defenceless, open to anybody who wishes to take over. On the other hand, a country which those in power have chosen to demilitarize, is such a country really worth defending at all?  

And when it comes to Ukraine it was totally unknown to me, although I usually read the papers very carefully, that out of the 15 million Russian-speaking Ukrainians some 800 000 have fled their home country and now live with their merciful relatives on the other side of the border, i.e. in Russia. Neither did I know that the Jewish population of Ukraine has been threatened by the Government and that almost half of them have left the country for Israel. If they hadn’t got Israel, to where should they then have fled? Something for the Jewish- and Israel-hostile EU-parliamentarians to contemplate on.

So churches and pubs are great meeting places for civilized people, especially in times when media don’t tell the truth but prefer to hide it behind “political correctness”. Cheers (to Abbot’s Ale)!