Christians as strangers in their own countries

Silence, please! (Christians are being murdered)  

Sometimes I wonder why Christians are being persecuted. 200 million Christians are opressed and live under persecution. During the first decade of our new millenium (2000-2009) one million Christians have been killed not for breaking the law but for their faith only. About 80 % of all religious persecution worldwide is suffered by Christians. But leading politicians and media in the EU and USA rather not talk about it, neither do many of the Church leaders in the West.  How come?

Opressed by Islam and Communism 

The two main persecutors are Communism and Islam. North Korea is by far the worst communist persecutor closely followed by China and Vietnam. When it comes to Islam-dominated countries Christians are being opressed and persecuted in virtually all of them, from Marocco in the west to Indonesia in the east, from northern Nigeria in the south to Iran and Turkey in the north. All the Middle East – except Israel – and North Africa are thus “red areas” for Christians. Among the worst is Saudi-Arabia, where Christendom is forbidden by law, i.e. their sharia laws. For further reading visit Open-Doors.

In China one in ten are now Christians

Persecution of Christians is widespread, severe and on the rise. In spite of protests crucifixes have recently been removed from churches and new churches have been demolished by the Communist regime.  But the Gospel is being spread rapidly and an ever increasing number of Chinese choose to become Christians. About 85-150 million Chinese (say some 10% of the population) have become Christians, especially since the exceptionally hard times of the Cultural Revolution under Mao Tse Tung.

Muslims become Christians and pray secretly at home churches

Also many Muslims become Christians these days. As churches are burned down and new ones aren’t permitted to be built, Christians gather secretly in their homes to worship the Lord, pray and read the Bible. In these so called house-churches the Christians are out of reach for the sharia-police and Imams. And they need to be so, as if Muslims are being caught of having converted to the Christian faith, they will be sentenced to death by the Islamic sharia law.

No heavenly joy in the Communist manifesto and the Quaran

So why then are Christians opressed and persecuted? In the totalitarian countries under Communism the opression is to a large extent enforced by the laws and the legal system, which are inspired by Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto and socialism in general. No joy there, so to speak.

In a similar manner the totalitarian Islam-dominated countries (name one that isn’t totalitarian!) opress the Christians and other non-Muslims on ground of the Sharia-law, which is inspired by the Quran, the Hadiths and some other books, holy to Islam. No joy and happiness there either!

The totalitarians are afraid of the little baby Jesus

Obviously those in power feel threatened by the followers of Jesus, whose birthday is soon celebrated all over Christianity. Why are the Totalitarians so afraid of the little baby Jesus resting there in the cradle among the cattle in the Jewish town of Bethlehem? Maybe they don’t like the thought that He is claimed to be the very king Messiah, whom the prophets of the Bible says will come soon!  

No communism without opression and persecution

The Christians in the Communist Soviet Union (1917-1991) experienced the worst persecution ever since the Roman Empire. Orthodox priests, monks, nuns and “ordinary” Christians were persecuted, sent to labour camps in Siberia or killed en masse and their churches and monasteries were destroyed or transformed into gyms, factories, prisons and the like. The orthodox church of Russia went to a large extent under ground, but survived, which became apparent after the fall of the Soviet Union.  The Communist persecution was systematic and severe in the Soviet Union also to the Russian Jews, which became apparent especially if they applied for emmigration-permit to Israel. Many then lost their jobs or were imprisoned.

To my surprise the EU has adopted the atheism of the Soviet Union as its official credo, though rebranded as “secularism”.

Convert to Islam – or die by the sword!

The ruling parties in the totalitarian Communist and Islamic countries obviously feel threatened by the Christian faith. Although Christians obey the laws of the countries in which they live, their faith forbids idolatry. Christians and other non-Muslims in Islam-dominated countries are forced to live as so called “dhimmis” having no proper human rights there. Since radical Islam is growing, Christians are threatened to submit to Islam and to onvert by force, or to die by the sword. Most of them hold on to their Christian faith and refuse to convert and are hence killed. Those who can escape from the Middle East. And in the West media keeps quiet.

In the West: temptation of idolatry

This temptation of idolatry is a threat also for the Christians in the Western world although though in a less barbaric way. Secularism – another word for atheism – mixed with materialism has become a dominant faith as the West, which has gradually turned its back from the Christian faith and its Judeo-Christian heritage and civilization. Combined with the multicultural and multireligious doctrines in power, Christians also in the West have to live as strangers in their own countries. With a rapidly growing immigration of muslims, Islam is slowly increasing its influence in the West, something that in the long run will transform the West into a part of the world, where Christians and Jews are not really welcome. The antisemitism in Europe is growing, large number of Jews have now left for Israel and other countries outside of the EU. Many of those who remain in the West are contemplating  if and when to emigrate.

Trapped in the EU, ruled under atheistic secularism

Many Christians do too, but to where can they escape? There are clear signs of a beginning persecution also in the West although media prefer not to report on it. Christians are not allowed to have crucifixes as ornaments in jewellery when appearing on TV, the EU has decided not to mention anything of Europe’s Christian heritage in its constitution, churches and Christian memorials in France, Britain and Germany have been desecrated by radical muslims, the free word is being restricted and so on. The tendency is clear and yet the immigration policies in the EU-countries are still wide open to Islamization. The European leading politicians seem to be blind to the religious causes of persecution as most of them are religious illiterates, hardly knowing anything of the Christian faith and neither on what Islam really stands for.

Christians have become strangers in their own EU-countries.