Sweden’s decision to recognize a state “Palestine” is illegal

Sweden’s new leftist red-green government has declared its intension to recognize the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a state – “Palestine”. This decision was declared by the Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén on October 3rd. The criterias behind the decision are, the PM says, that both parties should recognize each other and aim at mutual peaceful relations. After the recent war this summer it must be obvious to all that this isn’t the case.

As the Palestinian terror organization Hamas, now represented in the government of the PA, don’t recognize Israel but wishes to extinguish this Jewish land and Zionism, as shown e.g. in the recent war this summer and the one last autumn, neither of the two criterias are being met, certainly not by Hamas . As Hamas and Fatah since spring this year accept each other and even cooperate there is reason to believe that the PA as a whole doesn’t accept the Jewish land of Israel.

It’s a bit odd to say the least, to declare the PA a state as it has no soverignty over the land of Israel and hence don’t live up to the criteria of a state. Israel has the legal rights to its land according to international law going back to agreements and treaties of 1920, 1922, 1945, 1948 and 1967. The UN has no legal rights to create a state “Palestine” out of the land that Israel holds, nor has the EU, USA or any other country such rights. The land of Israel includes Gaza, the West Bank, which is what Israel and the Bible call Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem and the PA has no sovereignty over these lands.

The so called two-state solution means that land would be taken from one country – Israel – and given to another – the PA, which doesn’t exist as a country. The decision now taken by the Swedish government soon followed by the UK is in effect parliamentary authorizations of an illegal way to create a new state, illegal according to international law. This can lead to nothing else but increased tension between the PA and Israel. To put things right, the decision will have to be cancelled immediately.