Archbishop: Multiculturalism to blame for Islamic honour killings and sharia in Europe

Lord Carey of Clifton, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has openly claimed that multiculturalism has brought honour killings, female genital mutilation and rule by Islam’s Sharia law to Europe.

The doctrine of multiculturalism was adopted by most countries in Western Europe in the 1970-ies. At least one EU-country – Sweden – has even included this doctrine in its constitution (as from 2010). Since the 70-ies Muslim immigrants mainly from the Middle East and North Africa have been welcomed in large numbers to settle in Europe as well as people from other parts of the world. This might not have been the case if the multicultural doctrine hadn’t been made the dominant norm in the EU.

However, multiculturalism seems to rest on an idea, very popular at the time, of cultural relativism, the obviously false assumption that all cultures including religions are equally good for all people regardless of their consequences.

With the presence of Islam and its radical forms in Europe previously unthinkable acts have begun to threaten our Western societies, which are essencially founded on a Jewish-Christian outlook on life such as the Ten Commandments, to love one’s enemy etcetera. Hence we can now not only watch TV and read in the papers about honour killings, female mutilation and the implementation of Islam’s sharia-law, but also experience the growth of parallel Muslim societies in major European cities and towns, such as London, Paris, Stockholm, areas where Jews, Christians and other Non-Muslims are in minority.

It has become increasingly common that Jews and also Christians aren’t and don’t feel safe in these areas. European Jews have started to emigrate in rather large numbers. This is a development that has to be firmly stopped as it is our whole Western civilization that is at risk as professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University has pointed out.

For the full story – read more in The Telegraph of 24 August 2014 here.

Below follows a seminar with Professor Bernard Lewis.