The original “Our Father” in Jewish Aramaic and some contemplations on the Church of Sweden

Jesus of Nazareth or rather Yeshua was a Jew living in Galilee, Israel, who spoke Jewish Aramaic, not Syriac Aramaic as an Arab, which is sometimes misleadingly claimed. This video is about the “Lord’s Prayer” or “Our Father” in its original language. It was published on You Tube by the Talmidi Jewish Community, who present themselves as “a friendly, online community of Jews and non-Jews. We seek to return to the best ideals of the Israelite religion, within the tradition of the 1st century.”

Sometimes secular people in the West don’t recognize Jesus/Yeshua as a historic person, one who has really lived on our planet. They rather consider him a fake or a “construction” as Sweden’s former Archbishop K. G. Hammar has claimed. In Sweden, where I come from, Darwinism is taught in the schools and so is atheism, just as it used to be in the Soviet Union. That’s why some Swedes jokingly say, that ‘Sweden is the last remaining Soviet state’.

It wasn’t so when I went to school though, many years ago. Since then the religious scenery has changed considerably. Nowadays an atheistic ideology is regarded as the norm in official Sweden and any religious views on life are exceptions, whether Christian, Muslim or whatever. So when Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt openly and officially declared himself to be an atheist, it didn’t cause any particular comments or reactions in official Sweden, not even by the bishops of the Church of Sweden. It’s rather so that Islam is taking over more and more with increasing immigration and whereever the Christian churches are backing in society.

The former Archbishop of Sweden, Anders Weiryd, indicated last year officially, that he probably had more in common with the Muslims in this country, most of whom have immigrated to Sweden, than with the Christians abroad, e.g. those persecuted in the Middle East. Hardly anyone reacted in Sweden, not even his successor as Archbishop, Antje Jackelén. Not surprisingly the traditional Christmas present that Archbishop Weiryd gave in 2013 to each member of the political body that rules Church of Sweden was not about Jesus Christ, whom most of them probably had heard of anyway, but a book on Islam, and not a very critical one either.

So as Christians in Sweden we have to pray to “Our Father” and turn to other churches instead, churches who still are Christians and who aren’t ashamed of Jesus Christ or as the Messianic Jews say in Hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

Therefore, I was really glad to find, that this Talmidi Jewish Community at least take it for granted that Yeshua/Jesus really is the name of a human being who has actually lived on this planet earth. I also find it very satisfying, that they are capable of reasoning on a “high level” about his teachings and about the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father”. I’m really grateful for this video and recommend you to listen to it!