Love Your Enemies and praise the Lord!

It surely is a wonderful world, but what about things like these …

  • fanatic Muslims of al-Quaeda , the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) and Boko Haram in Nigeria, who up to this very day persecute and kill Christians by the thousands, Christians who pray for their persecutors and ask Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy and to forgive the sins of their persecutors.
  • Jews, who were killed by the Nazis in Germany and in many other places in Europe up to 1945 and by the Communists in the Soviet Union up to 1991 – and who couldn’t do much else but to pray and leave their destiny in the hands of G-d. And G-d helped His people as they received the promised land once again. That occured in 1948 when Eretz Israel, the land of Israel, was refounded after 2000 years of being basicly a deserted no man’s land.
  • Christians, who are persecuted in China and Vietnam, tortured, starving in prison camps and killed in North Korea and yet who pray for those who without reason hate them. The precious treasures of the Christian love, faith and hope are being spread rapidly in these areas.
  • Jews in Israel, who fight for their survival and for their right to defend themselves against those who hate them and try to exterminate them as a people in their own land. Yes, it is their own land both by the Bible and by international law. And yet, the same Jewish people help their Muslim persecutors with hospital treatment and medical assistance. And Israel also helps foreign countries all round the world with medical, technical, IT and environmental know-how and inventions. Little of these good deeds and blessings are however known in the West, but that is the very fact. Jews practice Yeschua’s commandment to love their neighbours and to forgive their enemies.
  • Western secular and leftist media, politicians and also most churches in the EU and USA keep quiet and let the persecution continue in spite of what their eyes see and their ears hear. It is as if their hearts have turned into stones and God has made them blind.

So what a wonderful world it could be – if only the radical Muslim and Communist persecutors and cold-hearted Westerners could learn from those who they persecute and neglect – Christians and Jews. And if they did the same to their enemies as the Christians and Jews do, that is to love their neighbours as themselves.

One shouldn’t underestimate the power of love and neither the power of music. Here are some examples, the first two videos performed by the Soweto Gospel Choir with songs called Khumbaya and Tshepa Thapelo, then Agio, an Orthodox Christian Coptic Hymn and a video with some Coptic Christian church songs and a video with an Orthodox Christian hymn i Syriac Aramaic, followed by a Chinese Halleluja-praise to the Lord and last but not least the Jewish greeting Shalom aleichem meaning Peace be upon you!

So: Peace be upon you!