Israeli Christians support the persecuted Christians in the ME

Christians in Israel demonstrated its support of Israel Defence Force IDF and against the grim persecution of their Christians brothers and sisters in the Middle East.  The rally took place in Haifa in northern Israel.

“Protesters held signs condemning terrorism and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Christians in the Middle East” Jerusalem Post reports. Since 2007, when Hamas took over the power in Gaza, the Israelis have lived under the deadly threat of its missiles into Israel. Nurseries, schools, private homes and factories have been targeted and still are. Most of the missiles are supplied by Iran and financed by Qatar, both close allies of Hamas.

As most persecuted Christians in the Middle East are part of the same people as those who persecute them one cannot really talk about “ethnic cleansing”. There is no proper word for it but “religious cleansing” is more proper, I think, as it is members on one religion – Islam – who terrorise members of another religion – Christianity. But of course the term “persecution of Christians” covers part of it. Just as there are no Jews living in Gaza and the Palestinians want the est Bank to be “udenfrei” if a Palestinian State is created,  no Christians (and of course no Jews either) is the declared goal of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Islamic State, al Quaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood, al Nusra and similar terror organisations keep murdering the Christians as their prime target. The Christians, who cannot flee and who refuse to convert to Islam but stand up for their faith in Jesus Christ, are being killed.

Israel is in effect the only country in the Middle East where Christians can be safe and live unthreatened in peace (not counting the Hamas’ missiles and terror tunnels though). So the Western Churches ought to support Israel wholeheartedly for its democtratic ideals and its freedom of religious faith.

Shame on the Western politicians, media and also churches (such as Church of Sweden) who generally turn a blind eye towards this “religious cleansing”, which is going on with increasing intensity in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen and many other islam-dominated countries in the region. And if Western media occasionally report on the persecution, they only rarely mention that is is Christians who are being killed and that it is their faith, that is the prime reason for these murderings.