8 Christians crucified by Islamic State

8-christians-murdered-by-isis-tweet-2The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly killed and crucified eight Christian men in a town near Aleppo, Syria. They were punished according to Islam’s sharia law for having left Islam and instead put their faith in Jesus Christ, so called apostacy. For the full story, published in Sharia Unveiled on 1 July 2014, read here.

According to a note in a Swedish newspaper there are currently at least 350 Muslim jihadists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark fighting in Syria and Iraq with the rebels such as the Islamic State. From the whole EU-area there are well over 2000 Muslim jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq and the number is said to be growing.

There is an increased concern among responsible EU-politicians over the return of these jihadists as they fear  a consequence will be a rise in Islamic terrorism in Europe, which is already increasing. The main European airports have sharpened their security measures, but far more drastic decisions have to be taken by the European parliaments in order to protect the European population and our whole civilization.

The Muslim jihadists have for example threatened to blow up the Eifel Tower and to target Le Louvre, the world famous  art museum in Paris. Jews and their synagogs almost all over Europe have already been attacked by Muslims and leftists as Israel is trying to defend its population from the Islamic terrorists they have got as neighbours in Gaza and also in the West Bank – read more in Israel Today here. – Photo from Sharia Unveiled.