The Iraqi Christians of Mosul face beheadings

Dear Christian Fellows,

The sunni muslim ISIS also called ISIL, or the “Islamic State” as they now prefer to call themselves, goes on to conquer as much of Syria and Iraq as they can and their warfare methods are among others beheadings, crucifixions, mass executions while filmed. The capital of Iraq is now threatened. Thousands of Christians try to escape.

The “Islamic State” have now given an ultimatum to the Christians of Mosul in northern Iraq. Their “choise” is either to become muslims, to pay a heavy tax, to flee Mosul or  to be killed – men, women, elderly and young Christians. This is the traditional choise that islam’s warlords put forward to non-muslims since the days of the muslim expansion by the sword in the 700th century onwards. Anyone who thought this is history only, now has to realize that this is the way proper islam works also in our time. It’s time to wake up from the secular multicultural and multireligious sweet dreams.

This evening BBC News reported from an Anglican church in Mosul. Daily Mail has done the same – read here. Other Christians too, such as Orthodox and Catholics, are under the same threat – to convert to islam or to be killed. As Christians their hope is to Jesus Christ. However, according to BBC the Christians of Mosul have said that their only hope is military intervention from the West. I’m not so sure that the Christians really have said so, but the secular BBC have probably judged the situation in that way.

One wonders now, where the West’s loyalty to these Christian brothers and sisters of ours has gone. The US and EU governments have so far been more or less indifferent to islam’s grim persecution of the Christians of the Orient. And where are the traditional Christian ideals of the West these days? It’s time to pray and it’s time to act in order to save these tens of thousands of Christians and to stop the barbarians to haunt and kill them – and to ask our Lord for guidance in choosing the right ways to do it.