Israel turns the curse of water shortage into blessings

This CBN-video is about the water shortage in the Middle East and how the Israelis have turned this obvious disadvantage into a blessing.

It is really astonishing, that the deserts of Israel are being turned into productive land through a combination of trust in God and technical innovation.

  • Thanks to inventions of new processes sea water can be turned into drinkable water. So by the end of next year the majority of Israel’s drinking water will be extracted from the Mediterranean Sea. Already today Israel supplies drinkable water to some 40 countries including to the refugees that are fleeing into Jordan. This means that Israel will soon become a net exporter of water.
  • Many farmers in Israel get the water supply for their crops literally from thin air. Already in the days of Moses the Jews collected dew that they found on stones every morning and used it for their daily need – “God’s dew”.  Today Israeli companies use modern technology to do the same. Under each tree the dew is being collected in large plastic trays and lead down into the roots. This reduces the water usage by up to 50% and also prevents weeds to grow.
  • Due to the water shortage in this part of the world Israel have found it necessary to make use of the water available. Hence 80% of the country’s waste water is being recycled, which is done to a large extent thanks to a new Israeli invention making use of ultraviolet light.   This means that Israel is by far the world leader when it comes to making use of its waste water through recycling.
  • Under the Negev desert in southern Israel there are gigantic reservoirs of water, however too salty to be used as drinking water. By the use of modern techniques developed e.g. at kibbutzes, the water has become possible to use in “fish farms” and to water plantations of olive trees and other crops. In doing so the dry desert has been turned into productive land.

These and many other Israeli inventions and know-hows are now also being exported, so far to 110 countries. By teaching the farmers in India, Africa and elsewhere, how to treat water, Israel has really become a blessing to the world.

One cannot avoid realizing, that the prophets of the Bible were right, when they said – some 2500 years ago – that when the Jewish people has returned to the land that God has given them, they “will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel” (Hezekiel 36:8) and “the fruit of the land will be the pride and glory of the survivors in Israel” ((Isaiah 4:2).


Here’s this interesting video: