CSI: In solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is an organization engaged in helping the persecuted Church around the world and especially in the Middle East. Here are some words of the CEO of CSI-USA, Dr. John Eibner, and more can be read on their website here.

From the Desk of Dr. John Eibner, CSI-USA CEO:

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our website. Here, I hope you will find the information and resources you need to take a stand in solidarity with the persecuted church around the world, and especially in the Middle East.

Violence against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East has become epidemic. In the words of the Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq, political Islam in the region now “threatens to remove all those who oppose it.” Just this week, Islamic extremists abducted four Christians in Egypt, including a 9-year-old boy, massacred 20 civilians belonging to a minority religious sect in Syria, and shot eight people to death at a Sufi religious service in Pakistan.

CSI is actively working to liberate Christians and others held in slavery in North Sudan. We have issued a Genocide Warning for religious minorities in the Islamic Middle East, and are working to send aid and raise political support for these threatened communities.

Please stand with us as we rise to meet this great challenge.


Dr. John Eibner, CEO
Christian Solidarity International, USA

– See more at: http://csi-usa.org/#sthash.jd2zBkYz.dpuf