Maaloula refugees celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross, pray for their martyrs

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”The small town conquered by the rebels is now deserted” sources told Asia News. In the capital, refugees organized celebrations – Mass,Eucharistic adoration and vigils in lieu of traditional processions and bonfires .”The event was dedicated to our martyrs and the suffering of Syria” a Maaloula Christian said.

Damascus (AsiaNews) – Christian refugees from Maaloula and Damascene Christians celebrated the feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross on Saturday with a Mass, prayer vigils for the martyrs and small celebrations outside churches across the capital.

The celebration dates back to 320 AD, when Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, sent officials to Jerusalem to find the Holy relic of the cross on Mount Golgotha, which they did on 14 September.

In order to inform the emperor and his mother, who lived in Constantinople, bonfires were lit on every peak located along the 1,170 km that separate…

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