The Christians of Maaloula attacked by Syrian muslim rebels

English: Village of Ma'loula, Syria Français :...

English: Village of Ma’loula, Syria Français : Village de Maaloula, en Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SYRIA: Two journalists of The Telegraph, the British newspaper, have visited the Syrian town Maaloula and now report on the present situation for the Christians there. Maaloula is one of the very few places on earth, where ancient Arameic is still spoken, the language of Jesus Christ. For the full story – read here. 

The Archbishop of the Syrian Church for Eastern USA, Mr Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim, was recently interviewed by RT America about the situation for the Christian minority in Syria. Maaloula which is situated in the mountains north east of Damascus has a Christian majority and has not been attacked by the various rebels groups in the civil war until just recently. Now two Muslim rebel groups have attacked Maaloula and caused much devastation and the death of many. The Archbishop also gives his views on the future for the Christians in Syria. He fears the Christians will have to choose between leaving Syria, be converted (i.e.under threat to Islam) or to be killed.