Israel – the best …

If you haven’t been to Israel yet, go there! It’s best to meet the people and see the land with you own eyes. These videos below might give you ideas you haven’t considered… Continue reading

Stand up for your faith!

A friend of mine read in the papers, that in northern Iraq a man and his three little daughters, all Orthodox Christians, were captured by the Islamic State ISIS. The father was asked… Continue reading

Music: Fado by Misia

MUSIC: Music that doesn’t touch one’s heart, is that really music? Music is a language in its own right and a universe not possible to reach with words. It touches the heart and… Continue reading

En kristen dör för sin tro var femte minut

Var femte minut dör en (1) kristen för sin tro.  På ett dygn betyder det att 1440 kristna dör för sin tro. Det har pågått länge, på senare år har situationen i Mellanöstern… Continue reading

Father Seraphim Rose: Living the Orthodox Worldview

Being an Orthodox Christian means living the Orthodox Worldview. Father Seraphim Rose (1934-1982) talks about this way of life. CAB

Eritrea: Dawit Isaak och tusentals kristna i fängelse

I dag har den svensk-eritreanske journalisten Dawit Isaak suttit i fängelse i Eritrea till följd av hans regeringskritiska hållning. Från svensk sida har flera försök gjorts för att få honom frigiven, men uppenbarligen… Continue reading

Orthodoxy and Gender Issues in the Church

ORTHODOX CHURCH:  In this video Orthodox Bishop Kallistos Ware of Oxford, UK, reasons around women priests, same sex marriages and other gender issues that present generations of Christians in the West meet. How… Continue reading

The Nicene Creed in Arabic

The young church formed its creed in AD 325 and made some clarifications in AD 381. It is called the Nicene creed after the place where the Church meeting took place. It is… Continue reading

Sweden marks its presence on Gothland in the Baltic

Gothland, the big island right in the middle of the Baltic Sea, belongs to Sweden and has been Swedish for centuries. Visby, the only city on the island, was founded back in the… Continue reading

Same sex marriage: clearly against the Bible

SAME SEX MARRIAGE:  Some churches have approved same sex marriage, teach and act accordingly. This is, however, clearly against the Bible, as explained by an Orthodox Coptic Priest in the following video, which… Continue reading