Pope Francis and Islam’s Jihad

In a number of statements Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, defends Islam’s Jihad. Islam, though, is  the religion and political system, which is the negation of Christendom. These remarks… Continue reading

Som ortodox inför Lutherdomens 500-årsjubileum

För 500 år sedan (den 31 oktober 1517) spikade den romersk katolske munken Martin Luther upp sina 95 teser i slottskyrkan i Wittenberg. Luther (1483-1546) sammanfattade där sin kritik av den Romersk katolska… Continue reading

Poetic music by Lully and Rameau

MUSIC: The Gavotte by Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) is such a poetic piece of music, performed here by the pianist Georges Cziffra. There is a similar poetic atmosphere also in the second piece of music,… Continue reading

PostNord och Lars Lerin: Be Sveriges kristna och judar om ursäkt! Ta bort frimärket!

As a Christian Swede I feel deeply offended in my heart and even threatened by the Swedish Postal Service. This stamp, showing the dome of a mosque, where Islam is preached, represents persecution… Continue reading

China: Plenty of Christians

The Eastern Orthodox church has some 300 million followers all over the world, for historic reasons with centra in Jerusalem, Greece, Eastern Europe and Russia. Orthodoxy grows and is nowadays present also from… Continue reading

Damen med burka och varmkorv

I Danmark diskuteras nu på högsta nivå huruvida de mer eller mindre heltäckande plaggen för muslimska damer skall förbjudas eller tillåtas. Med största intresse följer vi med i debatten, vi på andra sidan… Continue reading

A Christian chant in Arabic Coptic

This Coptic Christian song has a very light and happy melody and is performed with a heartfelt love: Someone has translated it into English as follows: First they sing in Arabic, Greek and… Continue reading

The Holy Mountain – Livet som munk på det Heliga Berget Athos

Two Englishmen visited the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos, which is not too far from Thessaloniki in northern Greece. They wrote an article on the monastic life there, and had it published in The… Continue reading

Arabvärlden: trots förföljelse – lovsång till Herren Jesus Kristus

Här kommer några glimtar från kristna lovsångsmöten och möten med kristna i arabvärlden. Det bör emellertid påpekas, att de kristna i arabvärlden och Turkiet, som de som lovsjunger och vittnar här, är en… Continue reading

Music: Fonsi and Putin and …

MUSIC: I wonder what Luis Fonsi in Despacito has in common with Russian President Vladimir Putin? Apart from the fact that both of them play the same piece of music in these videos?… Continue reading